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The award-winning newspaper of Anne Arundel Community College.

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Marlyn Argueta, left, a former AACC soccer player, is a soccer coach at South River High School.

Riverhawks alum now coaches high school

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor May 3, 2024

When Marlyn Argueta played forward for the Riverhawks soccer team from 2008 to 2010, his teammates constantly told him he should be a coach some day. Now he is. Argueta, who graduated from AACC and went...

Students on AACC’s campus wear merchandise to show support for their favorite sports teams.

Students wear merch for fav sports teams

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor May 3, 2024

Now that the weather is warming up and jackets are coming off, more students are showing support for Maryland teams by wearing Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles jerseys and caps to classes. Kyle...

Men’s basketball forward Kris Peet, right, was one of four Riverhawks to make the All-Region team this semester.

4 basketball players make regional team

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor May 3, 2024

The National Junior College Athletic Association dubbed four AACC basketball players All-Region for their performances this season. Two women’s players, Ayannah Gorham and Bianca Garin, and two men’s...

Professor Richard Hardesty hosted an event to speak about the historical significance of Jackie Robinson.

Professor speaks about the historical significance of Jackie Robinson

Ross Birckhead-Morton, Reporter April 16, 2024

A history professor said on Monday that the complicated relationship between baseball, race and civil rights is central to how major league sports operate. Professor Richard Hardesty hosted the event...

Nearly half of AACC students in an informal poll say they aren’t interested in sports.

AACC students show disinterest in sports

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor April 5, 2024

Nearly half of the students in a Campus Current poll said they’re just not that into sports. In an informal poll of 50 students on campus, 26 said they enjoy sports and 24 said they really don’t. And...

Esports coach Conway Johnson says the esports team struggles to recruit new members.

Competitive gaming team lacks members

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor April 5, 2024

AACC’s esports team is having a hard time recruiting and is looking to add more players to its roster. Esports head coach Conway Johnson said too few potential players know the campus has an esports...

Every student-athlete must get a physical before participating on a Riverhawks team.

Esports players need physicals to compete

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor April 5, 2024

AACC requires every student athlete—including esports players—to take a physical exam before joining any sports team. The school requires athletes to visit their own doctors for physicals before the...

The Riverhawk golf team has two women players this semster.

Team invites women to golf as Riverhawks

Zack Buckingham, Reporter April 5, 2024

For the first time, the Riverhawks golf team has two female members. Ela Simpson, a second-year law enforcement and criminal justice student, and first-year transfer studies student Addison Piechowiak...

More AACC students are golfing for fun as the sports popularity gains traction on social media.

More players tee off as sport get popular

Zack Buckingham, Reporter April 5, 2024

A record number of college-age players are hitting the greens and taking an interest in golf. Golf experienced a 12% year-over-year increase in players and fans from 2021-2022, according to the National...

AACC will host for this seasons Region 20 mens lacrosse tournament.

AACC to host regional men’s lacrosse tournament

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor March 13, 2024

AACC will host the Region 20 Men’s Lacrosse Championship next month. The men’s lacrosse team, along with three other colleges, will compete in a semi-final and final to decide the winner for the...

Second-year information student Megan Meek prepares for the first lacrosse game of the season, which will be on March 24.

‘Hawks sports teams start spring training

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor February 29, 2024

Student athletes and coaches said they believe they have what it takes to make it to the national championships this year. The men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, along with the baseball and softball...

AACC students Jaron Carroll (left), Maria Bejarano (center) and Paul Singleterry get their photo taken at an event.

Students show support for basketball team at “I Love Athletics” event

Divine Mesumbe, Daily Editor February 14, 2024

Students entered raffles and took pictures at a pre-game bash to show support for AACC’s women’s basketball team before the last game of the season on Tuesday. The Office of Student Engagement partnered...

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