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Opinions Policy

PrivacyWhat can we publish?

All comments made through social media or on our website are considered public and therefore eligible to be printed or quoted by Campus Current, just as any public speech would be.

Emails or direct or private messages are considered private by default. People wishing to have opinions or letters published should include “OK to print” at the beginning or end of the piece.

CriteriaWhat will we publish?

Opinion pieces are short essays written by guest contributors.

To meet publishing criteria, an opinion piece must:

  • include evidence to support the author’s position
  • be respectful in tone
  • not be anonymous

Editors reserve full editorial rights to edit in order to:

  • improve grammar, spelling and organization
  • adjust for length to fit the print space available
  • remove or censor profanity

Opinion content will not be edited for reasons of:

  • altering the underlying message or content for any reason, including disagreement

OptionsWhat should you write?


  1. Please include your name, what year you are in school (first year, third year, continuing education, etc.) and what your major is (or what you hope your major will be after transfer, if you know). We do not publish anonymous opinion pieces. This does not count against word count.
  2. You may also wish to include your political party affiliation if you feel it is relevant.
  3. Please choose for yourself a central point you are trying to make, and build your article around that.
  4. Opinion pieces are generally around 200-300 words once published, but we recommend a first draft of 300-400 words, especially to first-time columnists.

Topic suggestions:

Respond to one of last month’s opinion articles. Please say which article you are responding to and be specific about what you agree and disagree with.

You can write in with any opinions you like.

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Opinions Policy