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Math tutors helped students with the grade of Incomplete finish their courses last semester in a new program called Project to Complete Incompletes.

Project to Complete Incompletes helps math students finish classes

Dominic Salacki, Reporter April 14, 2021

With math students requesting the grade of Incomplete in the double digits during the spring and fall 2020 semesters, faculty members came up with a plan to help them catch up and pass their courses: They...

A campus sexual violence prevention coordinator urges students to step in and say something when they witness potentially harmful situations.

Advice: Step in to stop sexual assault

Dominic Salacki, Reporter April 9, 2021

Anyone can help stop sexual assault if they’re willing to step in when they see it, AACC’s sexual violence prevention coordinator told students on Thursday. “Bystander intervention” is the intentional...

Lindsey Gonzalez, a third-year transfer studies student, wears a surgical mask on AACC's campus in 2020. Campus Current ran this photo with the first article it published about the coronavirus.

A year of pandemic, online classes: a look back

Ryan Oberteuffer, Reporter April 6, 2021

Tuesday marks one year since AACC students returned from a three-week spring break to continue all of their classes online as a precaution against the coronavirus. Once health officials advised colleges...

Members of the student Drone Club say they hope to return to campus soon so they can fly their drones.

Student Drone Club back in business

Dominic Salacki, Reporter April 5, 2021

The Drone Club brought the temporarily defunct student organization back to life last week. In the meeting, which club members dubbed the “Drone Club Reboot,” faculty adviser Tim Tumelty, known...

Bullying--especially cyberbullying--doesn't end when students move from high school into college, an AACC counselor says.

Counselor: Fight back against bullies

Dominic Salacki, Reporter April 2, 2021

Students who experience bullying from classmates or professors can report it to the campus Office of Community Standards, an AACC counselor said during a virtual speech on Wednesday. But most victims...

An adjunct psychology instructor says self-care and reaching out to friends can help students feel less isolated as the pandemic lingers.

Feeling isolated? Speaker offers coping tips

Ryan Oberteuffer, Reporter March 31, 2021

Combating social isolation involves self-care, finding things to look forward to and scheduling meaningful time with friends, an adjunct psychology instructor told students in March. “I think a lot...

Nursing student Natasha Seeger practices her skills  pre-pandemic in the Florestano building. The nursing program will expand by 54% once it moves into the new Health and Live Sciences building.

AACC nursing program to expand by more than 50%

Ryan Oberteuffer, Reporter March 29, 2021

Enrollment in AACC’s nursing program will grow by 54% by spring semester 2022. Assistant Dean for Nursing Scott Olden said the Health and Life Sciences building, which is to open in August, will have...

Students tell Campus Current they plan to hunker down at home over spring break and catch up on homework.

Spring break: Students plan to stay home, catch up on homework

Dominic Salacki, Reporter March 19, 2021

AACC students said this week they will spend next week’s spring break indoors at home catching up on schoolwork. “I’ll probably stay home [because of] COVID and everything,” third-year business...

Two wellness experts advise students to stay safe during spring break celebrations.

Alcohol, social distancing top concerns for spring break

Dominic Salacki, Reporter March 19, 2021

Moderating alcohol consumption and careful social distancing could keep students safe over spring break, a pair of campus wellness specialists advised students on Wednesday. Human services student Cynthia...

Meditation is one way students can ward off stress and feel happier, an adjunct instructor says.

Speaker: Take care of yourself to ease stress

Ryan Oberteuffer, Reporter March 18, 2021

To be happier and more successful, students can adopt the “four Cs,” according to an adjunct instructor who teaches parenting skills: clarity, communication, consistency and community. Joseph Van...

Basic needs coordinator Caitlin Silver says keeping a calendar can bring order to a busy schedule.

Workshop teaches organization, time-management skills

Dominic Salacki, Reporter March 17, 2021

Using a calendar and creating to-do lists can help students stay organized, the Office of Student Engagement’s basic needs coordinator told students at a March time-management workshop. In the virtual...

AACC's celebration of Irish American History Month includes a virtual class on cooking Irish stew.

Campus celebrates Irish American History Month

Jazsmine Hill, Diversity Editor March 11, 2021

AACC is celebrating Irish American History Month in March. The celebration kicked off with virtual events focusing on black abolitionists from Boston to Ireland and a deep dive into Irish sayings and...

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