Campus Current

Student views photo, makeup skills as similar

Alexandra Radovic, Editor-in-Chief

May 1, 2019 Zach Tennant tilts his model’s rounded chin so she will face the warm glow of the soft amber-colored studio light he had set up behind his tripod, with his camera steady and pointed toward her plumped lips. He zooms his lens slightly so her lips fill ...

Student improv troupe rehearses for two shows in May

Chase Duvall, Daily Reporter

March 5, 2019

An improv troupe rehearsal took place on Friday night in the Florestano Building leading to a night of learning and laughter. Wyatt Unger, a local professional actor and acting coach, is the leader of the local troupe. Unger...

College runs activities for Black History Month

Chance Iheoma, Photography Editor

March 1, 2019

AACC celebrated Black History Month in February with a number of events focusing on race relations, skin color and black art. The month-long events kicked off on Feb. 1 on the Arnold campus with a visit by black guest artist...

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