Novelist gives advice to AACC students following reading


Jacob Dear

Jessica Anya Blau takes questions from attendees at her reading

Jacob Dear, Reporter

A novelist came to AACC Thursday to read from her recent books and give advice to students.

Jessica Anya Blau said AACC students were smart, attentive, and she appreciated the questions they asked after the reading.

She said she hoped students would “enjoy the experience of having someone read [to them].”

“I think reading is one of the great joys in life and a lot of people don’t take advantage of it,” Blau said. “I just think everyone should have the joy of reading.”

Following the reading Blau answered questions from the audience related to her experience as a writer.

Fifth-year nursing student Brittany Dunne said, “I thought it was a really interesting event and I thought it was really great to actually hear from a writer … to ask questions and to hear [her] thoughts [on] writing and being a writer.”

Ashley Adair, a second-year general studies student, said she “really enjoyed [the reading]. … I learned [about] someone else’s experience in contrast to my own, which was very interesting.”

Blau said she would be open to another reading at AACC if invited.