AACC literary magazine wins award


Mackenzie Airey

Amaranth Editor-in-Chief Mitchell Santos reads the issue of the literary magazine that won the Pacemaker Award this November.

Jacob Dear, Reporter

AACC’s literary magazine won the Pacemaker Award at the National College Media Convention this November, while Campus Current was a finalist.

Amaranth’s faculty adviser, Dr. Garrett Brown, said the student literary magazine winning an award reflected well on the college.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Brown said. “It makes them feel great, it brings recognition to the college and makes [the students] feel like they’re really contributing.”

“It’s a tremendous honor,” Michael Pierorazio, Amaranth’s previous editor-in-chief, said. “My staff worked really hard on it last year.”

Editor-in-Chief Mitchell Santos said he is proud of the win.

“I’m proud of the staff from last year,” Santos said. “I was there, but I was less involved. So, I’m proud of the rest of them, and I’m glad I at least had a little hand in making that happen.”

Campus Current Editor-in-Chief Amber Nathan also said she is proud of her newspaper for making it as a finalist for the Pacemaker Award.

“I think it’s amazing and [it] says a lot about our paper,” Nathan said.

Nathan said the hours she and her staff pour into the paper to proofread and fact check are what makes Campus Current stand out.