Haitian band teaches dance


Gerald Maravanyika

Students and faculty dance under the instruction of Haitian band members on Oct. 3.

AACC hosted a workshop about Haitian music and culture on Oct. 3 where students learned about ethnic dances and instruments.

Richard Morse is part of the Haitian band RAM, which is on tour. He and his bandmates stopped by the school for two workshops and a live performance.

“You hear a lot about Haiti, for whatever reason,” Morse said. “Whether it’s because there was an earthquake or whether because there was … a coup d’etat or something. But you never hear about Haiti because they got unbelievable drummers …or they got unbelievable songs.”

Morse said they plan to stop at about six or seven different schools to educate students about Haitian culture.

Leane Balbuena, a second-year transfer studies student, said “I didn’t know anything about Haitian music and dance. And I thought it was a great opportunity to learn about it.”