Theater students say tryouts worth anxiety


Chance Iheoma

Student actors say audition-day jitters pay off when they land roles in plays like “Romeo and Juliet,” which showed on campus last semester.

Emma Stubbs, Reporter

AACC theater students in September advised aspiring actors to audition for upcoming shows on campus. 

The experienced actors said they were able to overcome mistakes they made during previous auditions.

“I remember one time … I was reciting a monologue that I had to memorize, and I … was forgetting the words,” said third-year theater student Chelsea Roden. “It was a bit embarrassing but I powered through it and I finished my audition strong.”

Roden tried out for last season’s “Hairspray,” but didn’t make the cut. Yet, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to audition.

The performers said those interested in theater should audition for shows, even if they are nervous.

“Directors can tell that you’re anxious,” said first-year theater student Amanda Troncale, who acted in Arundel High School’s “West Side Story.”

“You have to acknowledge it, then let it go. They say it gets easier, but it doesn’t. Best case scenario, you get in the show. Worst case, it’s a great learning experience.” 

Plus, said Doug Byerly, the music director for the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast,” said, “There’s a lot of opportunity for roles.”

Byerly will hold “Beauty and the Beast” auditions on Oct. 19 for the roles of Belle and the Beast, and full-company auditions on Nov. 16.