Newsprint Exhibition Reception showcases comics from 1893 to present


Christian Richey

The exhibit featured artwork dating back over 100 years.

Tom Ostrye, Web Designer

AACC hosted a Newsprint Exhibition Reception at Cade Art Gallery on Wednesday.

The reception featured comics ranging from 1893 to our current day.

Associate Professor Erik Dunham said that late last year he asked curator Warren Bernard to put together an art show about items from his comic collection.

Bernard’s collection spans from 1893, when color comics were first printed in Chicago, to today.

Speaking about his collection, Bernard noted its origin, as well as its current size. β€œIt all started when I got my tonsils out and my parents bought me a Superman comic, and it went steadily uphill or downhill from there depending on your perspective,” Bernard said. β€œI think I have just over 4,000 books.”

Sara Strutz, a third-year web and graphic design student, said she was excited for the show because she really enjoys the hand drawn artwork, though her primary medium is digital art. She said she was also intrigued by the historical aspect of the show.

The works can be seen in Cade Art Gallery until Sept. 27.