Student improv troupe rehearses for two shows in May

Chase Duvall, Daily Reporter

An improv troupe rehearsal took place on Friday night in the Florestano Building leading to a night of learning and laughter.

Wyatt Unger, a local professional actor and acting coach, is the leader of the local troupe.

Unger says while at its core, improv is fun, he’s also gained life skills through it.

“[Improv has] taught me how to listen, how to be present [and] how to work with someone else,” he said.

“Improv allows you to break a mental sweat,” Dan Sadler, a community member, said. “You stay sharp and you don’t have to worry about overthinking. You just think and do.”

While Unger participates occasionally in various sketches in exercises, he mostly takes a seat.

The group rehearsed various sketches, all of which descended into comedic madness. Topics varied from obscure Game of Thrones references to philosophical poker.

“It’s just a stress relief and you don’t have to think about whatever you have to do tomorrow and so it’s all really nice,” said first-year student Mychael Lewis.

On May 3 and 10 the troupe has shows in HUM 112.