History Club focuses on the 60’s


History Club watches films throughout the semester.

Tyreesha Bolton, Reporter

AACC History Club viewed a historical documentary on the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy this afternoon.

“The Kennedy assassination was the moment when the 60’s began and a lot of the issues we see today kind of stem from the assassination.” said Richard Hardesty, co-adviser of the History Club.

The club watched Four Days in November, a 1964 documentary that chronicled the days before and immediately after the Kennedy assassination.

The 60’s as a time frame has a lot of different economic, social [and] political movements that have wide range in consequences to our present day society,” said Hardesty.

This semester the club’s focus is the 60s.

Throughout the semester they will view historical films and hold discussions about the decade. They will also talk about how those events are still relevant in today’s society.

“What people have to remember is that history is not just the study of the past, it’s the study of the past to help you understand your present and future,” Hardesty said.

History club’s next event is a discussion on the credibility gap on Feb. 26.