AACC’s campus activities board hosts the last spring club cafe in the SUN dining hall


Daniel Nickerson

Nelly’s Echo performing in the college’s cafeteria.

Daniel Nickerson, Web, Media, and Graphic Editor

The band Nelly’s Echo performed at noon for students.

Nelly’s Echo has performed at colleges since 2010. He had previously been on the third season of the Voice and entertained the military in Guantanamo Bay, but says his “most relevant show to date” is the one he performed today.

“I just come in here every day, so I saw it, and I decided I want to stay and listen to the whole thing, I loved it. I would definitely want to see more of it” said Carlina Diggs, 1st year environmental science student, when asked about the performance.

Campus Activity Board has been hosting musical artists in their Club Cafe events since last semester.

CAB Club Social Media Chairperson and business administrator student Kristin Kohout said the club is hosting karaoke events next month to replace Club Cafe.

Kohout recommends students to use the Nest to look for future events.

“We have them all there and it’s really convenient” she said.

The event ended with Nelly’s Echo performing his rendition of WALK THE MOON’s Shut Up and Dance, replacing the line of “She said shut up and dance with me/This woman is my destiny” with a more personal “she said shut up and dance with me/AACC is the place to be to be.”

For more about Nelly’s Echo and what he’s doing, check out his website: http://nellysecho.com/