Biology professor passes away Nov. 29

Dr Jill Loukides remembered as “helpful,” by students, “hardworking,” by staff.


Photo courtesy of Pexels

Dr. Jill Loukides, a professor of 14 years at the college, passed away suddenly on Nov. 29.

Sarah Noble, Multimedia Editor

An AACC professor, who was recently ranked as emeritus status, passed away Friday Nov. 29.

Dr. Jill Loukides, a professor who taught at AACC for 14 years, passed suddenly, according to Dr. Mike Gavin, vice president for leaning.

“Although the passing came about quickly, she was awarded Emeritus faculty status in the last week of her life in order to symbolize the great amount of respect the College had for her as a true friend, colleague, teacher, and academic,” he wrote in the email addressed to several faculty members.

Loukides taught different science classes and was the director of the Learning College, a program for incoming faculty members. In 2018, she was awarded the John and Suanne Roeuche Award for Teaching Excellence.

During her time working with the Learning College, she helped over 60 faculty begin their careers at AACC.

According to Dr. Stephen Ailstock, the biology department chair, Loukides set a “culture of support for a professional standard of conduct [and] continuous learning [for students].”

Ailstock described Loukides as “the type of academic professional evisioned by the college.” He wrote this in his letter of support for Loukides receiving emeritus status.

One student Loukides taught was third-year medical laboratory technician Nini Buisson.

Two years ago, Buisson said she remembered walking into her microbiology thinking the class was “just a prerequisite, [and] wasn’t expecting to like it so much.”

“She made it so accessible and interesting, I started looking into jobs that would allow me to work in labs,” Buisson said. “She holds a special place in my heart because she is the one who inspired all these decisions and I am very happy with my studies … I wouldn’t have discovered it without her.”

Since her passing, colleagues and friends of Loukides set up a scholarship through the college’s foundation.

Loukides’ memorial service will be held this Saturday at 3 p.m. at Riva Trace Baptist Church in Davidsonville.