AACC vice president explains campus construction


Photo by Roxanne Ready

Vice President Melissa Beardmore explains plans for construction around campus to a group of student leaders.

Roxanne Ready, Editor-in-Chief

At a Dec. 4 meeting of student club representatives, the vice president of finance gave a brief presentation outlining renovations and construction expected to continue through 2021.

Three main projects are underway, according to Vice President Melissa Beardmore: a new Health and Sciences Building, renovations to the Dragun sciences building and renovations to the Florestano building.

Beardmore said that while parking and traffic will be disrupted temporarily, the plan will create more parking once completed. In the mean time, the college is “working hard” to do the bulk of the work during summers, she said.

The plan will will not affect student tuition, according to Beardmore.

Beardmore noted a number of changes, including the demolition of the pool, modular and Schwartz buildings and the planned relocation of the greenhouse.

Beardmore also highlighted the creation of new study centers, called “informal learning centers,” which the school has recently added to various campus buildings, such as Careers.