Students display art in West Campus gallery


Zoe Brunton

Painter Kumasi J. Barnett speaks at an exhibition of student art in the Cade Gallery on April 19

Tomi Brunton, Associate Editor

Students are showing their artwork in an AACC exhibit that will run through May 22.

Kumasi J. Barnett, a studio arts professor from the School of Art Institute of Chicago, selected the pieces for the exhibit, which are displayed in the John A. Cade Center for Fine Arts Gallery. Barnett met with the student artists at a reception in the gallery on April 19.

Cade Gallery director and digital arts professor Teddy Johnson said the juror “was looking for things that he thought [were] visually strong, conceptually strong. But then when you have hundreds of works, even ones you like don’t always go in the galleries.”

The Gallery has run exhibits in person for about 30 years, and virtually during the pandemic.

First-year art student Dana Jennings, who has three artworks in the exhibit, said the show was “amazing.”

“Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe [that I got in],” Jennings said. “This is my first real gallery exhibit.”

Second-year creative writing student Holly Mitchell, whose watercolor piece “Vulture Couture” is displayed in the exhibit, said getting accepted into the gallery is “very validating.”

“I’m just very excited about it,” Mitchell said.

Every year, the college purchases several artworks from the exhibit to display around campus.

10th year art student Laury Bershad, whose artwork in the exhibit was purchased by the college, said learning art at AACC has been “terrific.”

“I felt like I was reborn, having the opportunity, and the wonderful campus in close proximity to our homes, to have these classes,” Bershad said. “It’s a world class facility.”

Johnson said this year’s exhibit is “a great show.”

“We’re really proud of our students, and what they’ve accomplished,” Johnson said.