Dance Company to present spring-themed show


Graig Bracey

Second-year dance and physical therapy assistant student Sarah Schulze, right, rehearses for “Spring Vibrations,” which AACC’s Dance Company will present in May.

Tomi Brunton, Associate Editor

The AACC Dance Company will present a performance featuring modern, tap, jazz and West African styles in May.
Titled “Spring Vibrations,” the show is “going to be all about colors, because spring,” said dance professor and AACC graduate Adjetey Klufio, who will direct the show. “Everything is reborn so … that’s why I named it ‘Spring Vibrations,’ because we’re going to bring the vibrations that come with all the … beautiful flowers.”
The company performs at AACC once every semester, and puts on small shows at local high schools. The students also teach dance at high schools as part of the program.
Klufio said the spring performance, which will run on May 12 and 13 in the Kauffman Theater, is a “step up” from the company’s fall show.
“Last year … the performance was great,” Klufio said. “I’m looking forward to doing the same thing [this semester], but also, like, stepping it up, taking it up a notch to bring the students to a level where they know that this is the standard now.”
Kiera Richardson, one of the dancers this semester, said her favorite part of the Dance Company is “the people.”
“I like the people and I’ve made a lot of good friends,” Richardson, a first-year dance student, said. “We all get along really well.”
Second-year dance student Sarah Schulze, who also will perform in this semester’s show, said her favorite part about dancing is the “feeling” she gets onstage.
“At the end of the performance when you just hear everyone clap, and you’re like, I put my heart and soul into this piece and performance,” Schulze said, “you just feel ecstasy.”
Richardson agreed.
“I like the performances,” Richardson said. “To be able to tell a story through movement, and be able to convey a message even when you’re not talking … it’s like communication through dance.”