Reception honors student artists


Jenna Lagoey

First-year digital art and design student Tabitha Broomfield poses with her painting at the Student Art Exhibition on campus.

Jenna Lagoey, Reporter

Approximately 40 people attended a reception for the 2022 Student Art Exhibition in the Cade building on Wednesday, many of them artists there to see their own work or to support friends.

About 70 pieces by AACC students, ranging from paintings to sculpture to prints, are on display in the Cade Gallery from May 10 to June 10.

Four artists sold their work to AACC for its permanent collection of student art.

Janelle Wyler, a first-year interior design student, displayed a pen-and-ink drawing in the show and sold it to the college. She said she was “ecstatic” for the opportunity.

“I’m over the moon, right?” Wyler said. “I never thought I would ever be here, and I’m super excited.”

This curated, juried art show is the first the college has held in two years. Juror Eric Brisco is the coordinator for visual arts at Morgan State University.

Students could submit up to three works and set prices for their pieces.

“Bottom line is there’s serious quality work in this room right now that you should be proud of,” Brisco said.

Most of the student artists said they didn’t expect the juror to select their work.

“I’m very excited, very excited, and I did not think that this would happen,” Ava Furlow, a high school student who also attends AACC, said.

Tabitha Broomfield, a first-year digital art and design student, said she appreciates the feedback she gets when she displays her work.

“I like having feedback from everyone around me because it’s very easy just to make your own work,” Broomfield said. “I just like to see the reactions I get from people.”