2nd-year student wins SGA election with unanimous vote


Photo courtesy of Abigail Billovits-Hayes

Second-year marketing and psychology student Abigail Billovits-Hayes is SGA’s president-elect. Billovits-Hayes will take office on June 1.

Zack Buster, Associate Editor

A second-year marketing and psychology student will become the Student Government Association president on June 1.

In an election that drew just nine voters, Abigail Billovits-Hayes and four vice presidents, won their seats for next semester.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, I did it,’” Billovits-Hayes, 20, said, adding it felt “great.”

The student body elected first-year secondary Spanish education student Conor Curran as executive vice president. Second-year psychology student Hamza Iqbal won vice president of campus activities. Lily Delgado-Ortiz will be the vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion. Victor Javier Solis is the new vice president of public relations. 

Outgoing SGA President Ben Nussbaumer said he was surprised that so few voted in the election. He said the SGA advertised the election on social media and set up voting tables in the Student Union. 

“It’s not like we’ve been keeping a secret that we’re having an election,” Nussbaumer said. “I wasn’t expecting a lot of people to vote but nine is well below what I thought we’d get.”

Billovits-Hayes agreed, calling the low voter turnout “shocking.”

Billovits-Hayes’s goal as SGA president is to “appease the student body” and “make everyone feel safe and secure.”