Adventure Club holds off-campus activities


Photo courtesy of Hannah Claggett

Members of the Adventure Society, a student club, clean up a beach on Kent Island.

Zack Buster, Associate Editor

Members of one student club camped at Shenandoah National Park and went indoor skydiving in Baltimore last semester.

This semester, Adventure Society members are planning a skiing and snowboarding trip to Whitetail Resort in February, Hannah Claggett, the club’s president, said. The club also takes a hiking trip once a month and has weekly meetings to plan events.

“It’s just a great way to meet new people and experience new things that you might not have otherwise tried,” Claggett said.

The club has gone indoor rock climbing, go-karting and touring in Washington and New York City.

“Our goal is really to get a chance to expose our students to lots of different activities that they might not have ever done … a chance for students to meet others,” Professor Jessica Mattingly, the club’s faculty adviser, said.

Mattingly said these friendships have the potential to last for years.

“They have built great friendships that have carried on through the years,” Mattingly said. “Two of my former members are now engaged.”

Claggett said although classes were online this fall, the Adventure Society found ways to have events.

The club focuses on events that give the students new, unique experiences, Mattingly said.

“We try to do adventure-based activities,” she said.

She said members can come to events without attending planning meetings.

“Students can absolutely participate without ever attending a meeting,” Mattingly said.