Adventure Society plans kayaking trip

Chase Duvall, Reporter

The AACC Adventure Society held their weekly meeting today and discussed their upcoming trip to kayak in Selby Bay.

The Adventure Society is a club designed to get AACC students outdoors on various trips to explore Maryland and it’s surrounding areas while making new friendships they might not make in the classroom.

Gabby Rapine, the club’s president and second-year transfer studies major, said the group decides on where to go based on a group discussion.

“Our members give opinions on stuff they want to do and then we all look into it together. Eventually we get everything together, figure out how many people are coming and then we go,” she said.

Members of the club have their own personal favorite past trips, Josh Labille, a second-year environmental science student spoke about how he enjoyed the club’s whitewater rafting trip from last fall.

“I liked being outdoors and that experience really pushed me more to be outside, being in the rapids was really fun too” Labille said.

Some members value the friendships they’ve made in their time participating in various activities in the club.

“I think the best part is being able to connect with everybody,” Hailee Edmundson, a first-year mechatronics student, said. “We’re all really close to each other we’re always there to help each other carpool. Everyone always shows up, there’s never been an event where we canceled because nobody showed up.”

“Being at a community college, people usually just come here and leave, but this gives us more of a community feel because we go outside of school itself as a group and try to experience things that are around us,” said Rapine.

The club has a few events planned with the remaining time this semester including Kayaking in Selby Bay and a monthly hike at Calvert Cliffs State Park in Lusby, MD.

The club meets every Wednesday from 2 to 3 in HUM 100.