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No one should be alone

One in three adults has experienced anxiety.

Editorial Board

September 28, 2017

When someone commits suicide, people talk about how depressing it is and say we should do more for the ones fighting mental illness. That conversation usually lasts for a week or two and then we all move on with our lives. But what about the other weeks? According to the American Foundation for Suicide,...

Ideas don’t go away if ignored; colleges should give all a voice

“Free speech” means different things to different people, but monuments like this one in Philadelphia remind us that it is everyone’s right.

Samuel H. Bergenholtz, Guest Columnist

September 28, 2017

Instead of attempting to suppress alleged extremism, colleges should actively try to teach all hostile and combative philosophies from both sides of the fence so we may learn from them and learn how to refute them. It is clear based on recent examples that in Europe and America, colleges have not...

Finding myself at AACC

Brad Dress says he found direction at AACC.

Brad Dress, Guest Columnist

August 25, 2017

The first time I set foot on AACC’s Arnold campus, I had no idea where my life was headed. I remember thinking to myself: “Look, I have this passion for writing, clearly, and I’ve been doing it my entire life. So, do I pick up some skills at school and wing it as an author, or should I pursue...

Be sure, be bold, be you

Try out a trade program to be sure of your interests, says Tre Mooring.

August 25, 2017

As an alumnus of AACC, I believe all students should consider learning a trade along with getting a formal education. When I chose AACC, I knew I wanted to work in a field that would have an impact on lives—something more than just sitting at a desk. When I registered for the pre-med pharmacy...

Letter from the editor: Make AACC your school

Campus Current is looking for more student opinions, says Editor-in-Chief Roxanne Ready

Roxanne Ready, Editor-in-Chief

August 25, 2017

Welcome new Riverhawks, returning students, and faculty and staff to the start of another academic year at AACC. Fall semester is a time of excitement and change. As the leaves begin to turn and the temperature cools, it’s a time of not only changing weather, but of changing lives. Some of you may be spread...

Millennials should take a stand for equality

Elizabeth Spearman (left) and Sarah Noble say events in Charlottesville prove Millennials must not ignore racism.

Sarah Noble and Elizabeth Spearman

August 25, 2017

At 20 years old, James Alex Fields allegedly injured 19 people and killed one with his car earlier this month in Charlottesville, Virginia. He’s about the same age as we are. And we’ve seen endless photos of other men our age doing the Nazi salute. We’ve heard many of them pledge their allegiance...

10 tips to avoid copying work

Turnitin is a website that allows students and professors to turn in a paper to see if it is plagiarized.

Campus Current Staff

May 1, 2017

If you give yourself plenty of time to write a paper, you’re less likely to cheat on it. If you understand the instructions and follow them to the letter, you’re less likely to cheat. If you take care to cite every source; you’re less likely to cheat—even when you don’t mean to. That’s...

Current Perspective: Consequence follows action

Kevin Pollock recieved a one-year suspension from college for cheating.

Kevin Pollock, Guest Columnist

May 1, 2017

The story of when I cheated involves a rather unfair experience for me, because the consequences far outweighed the actions. At a university in Maine, some classmates and I were assigned to do a group project. We split up the paper into sections, one for each member. I trusted the people I was working...

Current Perspective: ‘I’ve heard it all before’

May 1, 2017

In my five years as a professor at AACC, I’ve heard lots of excuses for plagiarism. Here are some of them, along with my reactions. I waited too long to start the essay. (Agreed!) I didn’t have time. (You did, but…) No one told me not to. (First, yes I did. Second, why would this be OK?) They...

Current Perspective: Education is not a race

David Kirchner will graduate after four years.

David Kirchner, Guest Columnist

May 1, 2017

I am going to graduate this month—after attending AACC for four years. I’ve been here so long because I believe it’s important to take your time with college and figure out what you want to do and accomplish in life. When I got out of high school, I knew I wanted to have a career that involved...

Life after commencement will have risks; do not be hesitant

Campus Current Staff

May 1, 2017

You’re walking up the aisle to take your seat with many others around you. You hear your family from a distance cheering for you as if you have just won a marathon. You stand and walk across the stage. Just like that, you have graduated from community college. Commencement is right around the...

Campus Current encourages everyone to limit phone use

Technology and social media have made conversation and human interaction decrease.

March 31, 2017

Picture this scene. You’re walking outside underneath a beautiful, eve- ning glow. The sun shines its incandescent rays, now a fading, dim orange, onto the sidewalk in front of you. The sky above seems like it is melting from a creamy, light blue to a darker hue of red. Small oak trees lined in...

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