Health and Life Sciences Building Construction Continues


Photo courtesy of Melissa Beardmore

AACC health and life sciences students say they are excited about the construction of the Health and Life Sciences Building.

Marquart Doty, Associate Editor

The Health and Life Sciences building on AACC’s East Campus is set to open in fall 2021. 

Jim Taylor, director of facilities planning and construction, said construction of the new building is running on schedule and within budget. 

“We continue to try to make sure that whatever we’re doing has a minimal disturbance on the campus,” Taylor said. “Obviously, with fewer students, faculty and staff being on campus, it’s a little bit easier for us to manage the things that usually affect faculty and staff. But everything is running as planned at this point and that’s a very good thing.” 

The building will be LEED-certified, which is an award for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design. Construction of the building will include the use of recycled materials and a rain garden will catch stormwater runoff. 

Melissa Beardmore, vice president for learning resources management, said she’s excited for students to see the new building. 

“It’s going to be an environmentally friendly building that’s also beautiful,” Beardmore said, “and have wonderful facilities for students.” 

Health and life sciences students said they are excited about the construction. 

“I think it’s great that they’re putting more money into the campus to give us better equipment and learning facilities,” first-year radiologic technology student Alexandra Janker said. “I think it’s a great time to do it too because there’s no one around.” 

Construction on campus hasn’t been limited to the Health and Life Sciences building. Jenkins gym got a major facelift over the summer. 

Student athletes said they are eager to use the new facilities in the gym. 

The gym has a new, all-glass wall on its eastern side, and an upgraded fitness center and a new study lounge for students. 

“I feel like it’s been forever since they started [construction] but it looks amazing,” said second-year Men’s Basketball guard-forward Braeden Cavey. “Honestly, I rode by a couple times just since I miss it—just riding by and kind of like cherishing what I have. Hopefully, I can get back on campus this year. It looks really good. I think they’ve done a great job.” 

Second-year lacrosse player Sam Weisshaar agreed. 

“Before this was all constructed our team didn’t really have a lot of team lifts together,” he said. “So I think it will benefit the culture of our teams, not even just lacrosse but all sports, where, you know, morale can grow as teams work out together, study together and hang out in that new weight room.”