AACC Has A Brand-New Chief Compliance and Fair Practices Officer


Courtesy of Dr. Tiffany Boykin

Dr. Tiffany Boykin will tackle discrimination on campus that involves race, sex, national origin and disability.

Maia Brown, Reporter

AACC’s former dean of student engagement has accepted a job overseeing the college’s handling of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases. 

Dr. Tiffany Boykin, the new chief compliance and fair practices officer, will tackle discrimination on campus that involves race, sex, national origin and disability.  

Boykin, a lawyer, said she left the Office of Student Engagement because “the new position was particularly attractive, as it allows me to couple my passion and competencies in higher education and the law. I understand the importance of law and regulations, and how they intersect with the work we do at the college.” 

Boykin has more than 15 years of experience in higher education. Her new position previously was part-time, but Boykin will fill the position full-time. 

AACC President Dawn Lindsay said she chose Boykin for the position because “she spent a decade working with students from the student services perspective. She understands the law. She’s an advocate for doing the right thing. She’s an advocate for making sure the college is always in compliance with federal regulations and federal compliance requirements.” 

Lindsay also said Boykin “has the passion, she’s got the dedication. And she’s just an amazing professional when it comes to the work that we need to do with federal compliance expectations.” 

Students said they agree Boykin’s position should be full-time.  

Lynette Lamp, a third-year psychology student, she said she has been a victim of gender discrimination off campus. “I think having someone in that type of position would be very beneficial just to the environment and the harmony of the school,” she said.  

Third-year humanities student Rebecca Shetterly agreed. “I think it’s a great idea that the position is full-time,” she said.