College adds 4th VP — for info technology


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A new vice president of technology will bring the college’s tech under a single umbrella

Johannes Haasbroek, Editor-in-Chief

AACC President Dawn Lindsay announced on Oct. 1 that the college will hire its first-ever vice president of information technology.

She said the new vice president, who joins the three existing vice presidents for learning, learning resources management and learner support services, will move the college closer to a new goal “to become the premier online education provider in the state of Maryland.”

“This commitment to the hiring of our first vice president of information technology acknowledges the level of importance technology plays in higher education and in our lives today,” Lindsay said in a live presentation to faculty and staff on YouTube. “It allows us to support our faculty and staff in our new norm of educating in a virtual environment.”

Lindsay said adding a fourth vice president ultimately will save the college money as it will bring all of the school’s technical needs under a single division.

Lindsay also announced that Associate Vice President for Learning Alycia Marshall will oversee the college’s focus on equity, diversity and inclusion—a cornerstone of AACC’s new, four-year strategic plan.

She said Marshall will roll out a college-wide professional development plan for faculty.

The college also is searching for a replacement for Dr. Deidra Dennie, the former chief diversity officer, who resigned in June.

“There is no doubt that the new chief diversity officer will assist us in the work we have to do with regard to our workforce and students,” Lindsay said. “If these last nine months have taught higher education anything, it is the significant role we play in delivering on the nation’s promise of democracy and equality.”

Dr. Nicole Williams, the department chair of human services, will chair the committee that will lead a national search for candidates for the chief diversity officer’s job.