Students stay safe during pandemic


engin akyurt/Unsplash

Students stay safe by obeying the rules for staying home and social distancing.

Daniel Salomon, Associate Editor

AACC students said this week they are staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic by wearing face masks, washing their hands often and not going out if they don’t need to.

In interviews with Campus Current, six students said they are obeying the rules for staying home and social distancing. The CDC has recommended washing hands, not going out unless necessary and using face coverings such as scarves, bandanas and old T-shirts to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Bridget Voss, a second-year transfer studies student, said she made herself a cloth face covering and carries a pack of disposable face masks when she goes out.

Voss said she wants “people to stay inside. I know everyone misses their people, but it’s not worth risking your and other peoples’ lives.”

Third-year psychology student Madison Likens said she sometimes goes on nighttime drives without leaving her car to get out of the house. Otherwise, she said, “Personally, I have not left my house in four weeks.”She added “Staying safe for me really just means keeping my sanity at bay. I’ve tried to distract myself with hobbies and I video chat with my friends at least daily.”

David Stemmle, a third-year media production student, said he’s spent time giving back to his community.

“Our County Council member and family friend, Jolene Ivy, has been making masks while we help deliver them around town,” he said.

Stemmle added that he and his family stay indoors and avoid going out when possible.

Fanta Nickerson said doesn’t go out except to head to work at MOD Pizza.

“I have a gaming group that is small enough to legally meet, but [we] have chosen to just do online games over Discord,” the third-year secondary education student said.