AACC student becomes Phi Theta Kappa regional president


Courtesy of Bri Barone

Third-year elementary education and communication student Bri Barone became the Phi Theta Kappa regional president in April.

Adrianna Gonzalez, Daily Editor

A Third-year elementary education and communication student in April became the regional president of Phi Theta Kappa, a national academic honor society for community college students.

Bri Barone, the 2019 president of AACC’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, will serve a one-year term.

“The bottom line as to why I wanted this position was the fact that this organization gave me so much in a time where I didn’t think I had anything,” Barone said. “I didn’t think I was capable of academic success, and as a first-generation college student, [it was good] to know that my hard work was being paid off in dividends through the recognition PTK has given me.”

Barone also served as the campus chapter’s 2018-2019 event coordinator and is a Student Government Association officer.

Barone said applying for the regional position involved a lot of work.

“I had to meet with [AACC] President [Dawn] Lindsey … because you must get the college’s permission to run. That’s just one of the rules,” Barone said. “I had to prepare speeches and trifold boards before all this COVID stuff happened.”

Barone said because of coronavirus, she had to do digital campaigning on Instagram Live and Facebook Live.

“I was really able to connect with everybody within the region and just talk about my passion for Phi Theta Kappa and why I wanted to be regional president,” Barone said. “It was a little bit easier for me to do it on social media than it would have been in person.”

A regional election among Phi Theta Kappa members took place on March 23.

The position is open to any student member in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Liz Wulbrecht, the faculty adviser for AACC’s chapter, said Barone is perfect for the position.

“She’s been nothing but super enthusiastic about the society,” Wulbrecht said. “Bri is the catalyst for our chapter really growing as much as we have.”

The campus chapter has 423 members.

Wulbrecht said Barone’s passion “really drives her to work incredibly hard. She gives 110% to everything that she does.”

Wulbrecht said the honor society recognizes students for academic achievements.

“It’s a great way for students to connect with other students who are similar as far as their academic pursuits,” Wulbrecht said. “For our chapter we do a lot of different things like service projects.”

The chapter has hosted Breakfast with Santa, an Easter egg hunt and a food drive.

PTK member Yen Truong, a second-year business administration student, said she is excited for Barone.

“I know she has a passion to be regional president,” Truong said. “She put her time and effort to push AACC to become a five-star regional.”

Barone said she will spend her term increasing networking, organizing service projects and increasing diversity in the region.