Summer classes online for first 2 terms


Daniel Korpai/Unsplash

Most classes over the first two summer terms will be online, but some labs may be on campus.

Daniel Salomon, Associate Editor

Most summer classes will be online for the first and second terms, but some labs may be held on campus, according to Vice President for Learner Support Services Felicia Patterson.  

“Most of our courses, in the summer, are online already,” Patterson said. “We put up a lot of courses in the summer online … but obviously it’s a little different of a situation.” 

Patterson added that student services will remain online and will “continue as is.” 

This semester all classes and services transitioned to online and AACC campuses closed to nonessential workers in response to the growing threat of the coronavirus. 

“I just want to say. ‘Thank you to the students for being patient with us and understanding the situation,” Patterson said. “So just a huge kudos to our students because really it’s all about the students and making sure [they] get what they need to be successful.  

First-year biology student Lindsey Santos said online classes over the summer could be a good thing. 

“I feel as if summer classes being online might be a benefit for those that travel to visit families or those that have no time to go to physical classes due to work,” Santos said. 

But second-year transfer studies student Bridget Voss said she won’t take summer classes online. 

“Personally, I don’t like taking online classes because I struggle to keep up with them,” Voss said. “I was planning on taking two … summer classes and I probably won’t now.”