Library loans students laptops, webcams, headsets and hotspots, for online classes



The library offers students loaner laptops to use for online classes.

Christian Richey, Editor-in-Chief

AACC will lend laptops, webcams, headsets and hotspots to students who do not have access to the technology they need for their online classes.

And Students who lack internet access at home can tap into free Xfinity wi-fi hotspots, which can be found at Dean of Student Engagement Tiffany Boykin said the library will lend the equipment to students.

To request a loaner, students can email If the library approves the request, the staff will ship the equipment directly to the student’s home.

“The college stands ready to support students and ensure that they are successful and that they finish strong this semester,” Boykin said.

The library will lend students webcams, headsets and hotspots, small devices which allow students to connect to the internet.

Students must return the borrowed equipment by May 22, which is the last day of the semester.

Boykin said the college already has received some requests for laptops, webcams and hotspots, and she anticipates requests will ramp up once classes begin on April 6.

“We anticipate that, as students begin to take hold of this new norm and how they will operate … there may be additional requests forthcoming,” Boykin said.

Students in need of software, such as Adobe Creative Suite products, can apply to receive assistance through the Helplink grant by emailing, according to Boykin.

First-year culinary arts student Reiko Harris said he appreciates the college for offering loaner devices because at one time he had no laptop and found that completing schoolwork was difficult.

“I didn’t have a laptop for a little while … but it was extremely hard doing stuff without it,” Harris said. “I’d always have to find somewhere to go to access … everything online, so it’s really hard.”

Third-year media productions student Dominic Salacki said the offer helps students in need.

“They’ll have the privilege and the opportunity [to access their classes],” Salacki said.

Boykin said the college has approximately 200 loaner devices available to students.

Students who prefer to buy laptops can get them at a discount from the college bookstore, which is offering free shipping.