Now is the Time to ACT

Karsten Skogsholm, Reporter

AACC will soon be jumpstarting an Ambassador Campus Team otherwise labeled ACT.

Student Ambassadors will lead guided tours, represent AACC, recruit new students, and mentor current students. They share their love for AACC, draw the lost sheep to its arms, and ease their journey into the fold. Fresh students often have trouble navigating the physical and digital landscape of our fine school.


A mentoring ambassador will, “give them any guidance they can,” said Heather McFarland, Student Services’ Information and Enrollment Assistant, “and hopefully make AACC seem a little friendlier.”

In addition, as a reward for their service, Student Ambassadors will build their leadership and communication skills, improve their resumes, meet new friends, and receive a $250 dollar scholarship to put towards tuition or books. The selection process is wide open.

“We’re hopeful to have ten,” said McFarland, though only five have applied so far. “I need, obviously, a few more.” For more information visit: