AACC extends spring break another week, all classes online


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AACC officials extend spring break to April 5 and will transition all classes online in response to the coronavirus.

Daniel Salomon, Photo Editor

AACC administrators extended spring break by another week, which means students will not return to classes until April 6.

And when students return, all classes will be online, including labs and studio.

“I realize this is a heavy lift and extremely disruptive,” President Dawn Lindsay said in a statement on Friday. “Please remember we are doing this in service to the entire community and in support of the state.”

Gov. Larry Hogan announced on Thursday all public schools will close from March 16 to the 27 in response to the increasing number of cases of the coronavirus in Maryland, which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic.

College officials initially delayed the return from spring break until March 29.

Michele Malone, a first-year nursing student, said she was “not happy” with the decision.

“I’m not happy because it pushes my other plans,” Malone said.

Other students said the extended break won’t affect them as much.

“For me, I know it’ll probably be OK,” Hailey Stinchcomb, a first-year psych student, said. “I’m pretty good at organizing things for myself.”

Erica Impraim, a second-year nursing student, said “The extended spring break gives me the ability to rest a little bit longer with family and to regroup in terms of where we stand with everything that’s going on and what we can do to help whether that be our church or whether that is in our community.”

Faculty and staff will return March 30.

Administrators also extended the spring semester end date to the May 22.