Amaranth hosts 2nd open mic of semester


Mason Hood

Amaranth Editor-in-Chief Mitchell Santos performs a poem at the second coffee house open mic of the semester.

Mason Hood, Ad Manager

AACC’s award-winning literary magazine hosted its second open mic coffee house of this semester Wednesday night.

The coffee house featured varied performances from reading stories and poetry, to music and dance.

Editor-in-Chief Mitchell Santos said he enjoyed the open mic.

“Little bit of a slow start, but it picked up a lot towards the end,” Santos said. “It was just fun stuff.”

Jonas Pallaro-Sonneborn, a fifth-year creative writing student performed an acoustic, comedy song about the Star Wars character Emperor Palpatine.

Pallaro-Sonneborn said “Each verse is sort of a chunk of time in his life and then it’s just the five chords that I know arranged in a basically random order.”

Pallaro-Sonneborn added that he enjoyed this month’s open mic.

“Coffee house has some of the greatest stuff that I’ve seen in non-professional areas,” he said.

Jim Brady, a first-year non-credit student, performed poems.

“It is kind of liberating in a sense to face your fear and to realize …, whether you do good or you do bad, it doesn’t really matter that much,” Brady said.

The club also gave out free coffee, cookies, fruit and tea during the open mic.

“Amaranth is really a place for everyone,” Santos said. “If you don’t write you can do …  all kinds of things.”

The next Amaranth coffee house will take place on April 1.