CAB Hosts First Anti-Valentine’s Day Dance


Mason Hood

Students attend the first Anti-Valentine’s dance, hosted by the Campus Activities Board.

Mason Hood, Reporter

The Campus Activities Board throws the first Anti-Valentine’s Day Dance Thursday night.

CAB member Alex Sawyer, a third-year Spanish education student attended the event.

“This is hands down the first time we’ve done this,” Sawyer said. “It started off as a joke, but then the more we thought about it and conceptualized it, the better it sounded.”

“We like seeing all the students come together, all the faculty members come together, even the staff,” Sawyer said. “Especially when we have free food. I usually try and go like ‘Hey you guys should grab something to eat real quick’.”

There was Panda Express at the dance.

Students were also able to knock down a pinata.

Reiko Harris, a first-year culinary student said he was having fun.

“I had nothing else to do, plus I don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, so I figured I might as well come,” Harris said.

Jezreeldonna Tandoc mentioned how she found the event.

“I follow CAB on Instagram and my friends did mention it a few times,” Tandoc said. “My friends did convince me to come.”

Toward the end of the dance, students started applying temporary tattoos.