Students say library is best study spot


Christian Richey

Second-year psychology student Cameo Beavers, left, and second-year transfer studies student Victoria Patterson study in CALT.

David Stemmle, Daily Editor

AACC students said in November they would prefer to study at the Truxal Library more than any other locations on campus.

According to an informal Campus Current poll, 40 students out of 55 said they use the library to study.

“The library’s the best,” Lizzy Huntzinger, a first-year pre-med student, said. “There are plenty of places that are comfortable [and] that are quiet.” She studies on the library’s third floor.

“The third floor is technically the quiet floor,  [but] it’s usually not [very quiet],” first-year mechanical engineering student Daniel Chuchra said. He studies on the second floor.

Other favorite study areas across campus are in CALT, Cade and the Careers Center.

Alex Mejia, a second-year criminal justice student, said his favorite place to study is the lounge area in CALT.

“It’s quiet and everyone minds their own business,” Mejia said.

Erica Romero, a third-year studio arts student, said she prefers a little background noise when she works.

Romero said her ideal workspace is the cafeteria in the SUN Building, but 34 of the 50 students in the poll called it the worst place to study.

“The background noise helps me … not get distracted,” Romero said. “I need white noise to study. I can’t study in … a quiet place. It would drive me nuts.”

But first-year film student Luis Samayoa said the cafeteria “tends to be very loud.”

“There’s so many people [in the cafeteria],” Moriah Thompson, a second-year pre-med student, said. “It is so noisy you can’t get that much done if you’re trying to concentrate.”