AACC students compete for prizes at Bingo Night


Adrianna Gonzalez

The winners of “Bingo Palooza” won a variety of prizes.

Adrianna Gonzalez, Reporter

AACC students had the chance to win various prizes at Bingo Palooza on Wednesday.  

Third-year linguistics and film student Mari Cruz won a seventh-generation iPad.  

“Oh my gosh, I’m so hype,” Cruz said.  

Cruz said, as part of the Campus Activities Board, she helped with the event planning.  

“This is probably the best event we’ve had on campus,” Cruz said. “I know I’m biased cause I won this iPad. 

Cruz added “Everyone really participated well, we had great food, and it was great. It really brings everyone together in the campus and it helps people get to know each other,” Cruz said.   

Director of Student Engagement Leon Thomas also talked about Bingo Night.  

“It is important, it builds community, it keeps students engaged, develops social skills and shows support amongst students, faculty, and staff,” Thomas said.  

“It’s been awesome, it really surprised me,” Thomas said. “I’m excited to see that many students decided to come in or at least stay behind. … It just shows the potential of engagement.” 

Thomas said that The Office of Student Engagement tries to hold events as well to bring students together.  

Thomas said that there will be future events but he doesn’t know specific details.  

Second-year hospitality management student Ben Nussbaumer attended the event because he said he liked bingo.  

“I think it’s important to have fun, school can be stressful sometimes,” Nussbaumer said.  

First-year business administration student Jarek Lamourt said there should be more events like this.  

“It does bring out a lot of student engagements, it brings more people together,” Lamourt said.