SGA connect clubs with students at ClubsGiving week


Christian Richey

Clubs present themselves to students during the first day of ClubsGiving.

Christian Richey, Associate Editor

The Student Government Association invited students to join clubs on the first day of ClubsGiving this Monday.

SGA President Mitchell Santos said ClubsGiving is a Thanksgiving-themed fundraiser running from Nov. 18 to 22 during which numerous clubs promote themselves while the Student Government Association hosts a raffle for charity.

“I really just wanted to make sure clubs could kind of congregate together and give back,” Santos said “The intention for the event was [to have] clubs giving back to AACC and the community, on top of the fundraiser.”

The raffle prize for one student is a Gift of Education Card, which can be used to pay for one three-credit class at AACC.

The proceeds from the $1 raffle tickets will be donated to charity, though Santos said the SGA has not confirmed a specific organization.

First-year game development student Roshaun Anderson said he is more likely to join clubs due to ClubsGiving.

“I think it’s really cool because it brings a lot of people together, and some people like me … don’t know what clubs are really around here,” Anderson said. “It’s a better way … to really get people to know and see and figure out if they want to join.”

Santos said clubs taking part in this year’s event include the Active Minds at AACC club, the Adventure Society Club, the Campus Activities Board, Phi Theta Kappa, the Legal Studies Club, Amaranth, and Campus Current.

Second-year environmental science student Josh Labille, a member of Adventure Society Club, said his club heard about ClubsGiving through the SGA.

“We heard about it [and] thought it was a good way to help try and reach out [and] to gain additional members,” Labille said.

Santos said he hopes to see clubs collaborate more often.

“I’m hoping the impact [ClubsGiving will] have is other clubs will collaborate with each other a bit more often,” Santos said ”I’m hoping for recruitment for the clubs [and] I’m hoping the raffle will be a big success.”

Santos said the event would go from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day, and that he hopes to see the event happen again next year.