Student entrepreneurs sell products at AACC


Amber Nathan

Students surround first-year business management and marketing student Josiah Parker, who sells his merchandise at a table during the Best of Business Trade Show.

Amber Nathan, Editor-in-Chief

Student entrepreneurs showed off their wares in a business trade show on Nov. 13.

The Best of Business Trade Show, which has been happening every fall for 15 years, is a chance for students to promote their businesses, network and sell their products.

“The goal is to showcase our students,” Bill Yuan, a business management professor, said. “It’s really nice to see their enthusiasm in selling their products.”

Local business owners and retired entrepreneurs came to the trade show to meet students.

Students hosted tables in the second-floor lobby of the Careers Center to display their merchandise.

“I like how everyone is coming out to …  show off their business,” Savannah Cavegn, a second-year transfer studies student, said. “There’s a lot more small businesses at AACC than I thought.”

Second-year business administration student Ben Machado said he enjoyed showing off his name and brand but thought they should hold the event in a different spot to increase foot traffic.

“If we were at a library, it would be more effective than here,” Machado said.

The trade show will continue through Nov. 14.