Intoxicated individual harasses AACC student


Mackenzie Airey

The Department of Public Safety encourages students not to walk alone if possible to avoid dangerous situations such as attempted robberies.

Amber Nathan, Editor-in-Chief

An intoxicated individual attempted to rob an AACC student on Thursday night.

According to Chief of Police Sean Kapfhammer, Robert Harper entered the student’s car and attempted to steal her purse before wandering off through the woods.

Kapfhammer said Anne Arundel County police found Harper tampering with a car off campus the same night and arrested him.

The student later picked Harper out of a photo line-up.

“I hate to see any students be traumatized by any sort of criminal activity,” Kapfhammer said. “Although this is a very safe campus, anything could happen anywhere. So you just have to be aware of your surroundings.”

First-year transfer studies student Alexis Marsalek said she feels less safe on campus after hearing about the incident.

“I know there are police officers there to protect us,” Marsalek said. “But at the same time, the fact that that event happened makes me feel less safe being [on campus].”

“It’s kind of messed up we’ve gotten to the point where a lot girls can’t really … walk to their cars by themselves … late at night,” Angela James, a first-year social sciences and the arts student, said about the attempted robbery.

The Department of Public Safety and Police is obtaining charges against Harper for the attempted robbery.