Veterans honored at AACC


Adrianna Gonzalez

Third-year psychology student Tevin Paige speaks at a ceremony honoring veterans at AACC.

Adrianna Gonzalez, Reporter

AACC honored veterans Tuesday during a ceremony.

AACC President Dawn Lindsay said the event held great importance.

“I think it keeps people grounded and reminds [them] of the sacrifices that many people have made,” Lindsay said. “To be able to provide to the … people that have served is to me very important.”

Student success and retention adviser in the Student Achievement and Success Program Kat Schorr organized the event.

“AACC has always been very supportive of the military-connected community,” Schorr said. “Each year we like to do something special to honor those military-connected students. It’s just really important to me and to others on campus to take a minute and to recognize Veterans Day in a special way.”

Schorr is also the lead military adviser on the campus Military and Veteran Resource Center.

“Here in the [Military and Veteran Resource Center], we are available to help students through any type of situation,” Schorr said. “We really do provide a variety of services to really help support [students] while they are here and that the vet center is available in room 122 if any military connected student wants to come by and see us.”

Third-year psychology student and president of Student Veterans of America Tevin Paige spoke at the event about how it can be hard to adjust to civilian life after the military.

“It was cool, it was a good way for the school to show appreciation towards its vets and I think we should try to go larger next year and do more for the actual veteran community here,” Paige said.

“The Vet Center is always in need of help and we’ll take any resources or anything that can be given,” Paige said.

Cybersecurity student Azaid Portillo attended the event.

“I was asked if I would be willing to volunteer,” Portillo said. “I’m a veteran. Everyone is just so kind at the Vet Center and I thought I would help them back.”