Health & Wellness Center helps students with stress


Christian Richey

The Health & Wellness Center staff helps students deal with stress and gives out bracelets and gratitude journals. Above, Outreach Coordinator Rodaelys Rojas (left) and Peer Health Educator Madeline Piper with a student.

Amber Nathan , Editor-in-Chief

The Health & Wellness Center staff held an event on Oct. 2 with free resources to help students deal with stress.

Resources included Morse code bracelets that spelled out “breathe” and gratitude journals to remind students to stay calm.

“At this point in the semester students are well underway in their classes,” Stephanie Jenkins, a nurse at the Health & Wellness Center, said. “We figured today we would do some techniques: deep breathing, relaxation, meditation, things you can do in class.”

Jenkins added writing things down can help clear the mind.

Other students had advice to help with stress as well, such as praying, going outside, napping and actively choosing not to let it bother you.

“Whenever I deal with stress, I always just take a bath,” Rita Veno, a first-year psychology student, said. “There are no distractions when I’m there. I just sit there with my own thoughts.”

“I personally deal with stress by trying to not let it get to me,” McKenzie Maynard, a third-year psychology student said. “I’ll give myself little breaks here and there to try and clear my mind.”

Students said they want to see more events targeted toward dealing with stress on campus.