Enjoy season, stay balanced


Christina Browning

As the fall semester progresses, students should be sure to balance work and fun.

Editorial Board

Fall is here, and it is both a beginning and the end.

It is the beginning of a new semester at AACC, and the end of summer. Classes are going full swing. The parking lots are full and the campus is brimming with students. The days of ice-cold lemonade, bathing suits and shorts are gone. Pumpkin spice season is upon us. Soon the leaves will burst into flame and crumple into ash. Halloween festivities are just around the corner, as are midterms.

A lot of people like fall. It’s a season of beauty and change. But fall can also be a time of high stress for students. Homework loads get heavier as the semester progresses, leaving some of us to feel like we have no time to enjoy the fun fall activities.

We want students to know they can still enjoy fall despite deadlines and the pressure to make good grades while working and trying to have a social life. Fall may be busy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of every second.

As cliche as it sounds, sometimes the little moments count. Take those little moments and make them the best they can be.

Maybe you have to go to a boring class that you absolutely hate. But to get to class, you have to walk over the footbridge to West Campus, where the trees are the most stunning shade of yellow.

Stand for a moment and lean on the railing. Pause, take a deep breath and look at those leaves for five minutes before you go running off again. That five minutes can help you walk into that boring class with a smile.

And as you enjoy all the small, fleeting, lovely moments that life throws your way, try to stay organized. Keep a planner and set small goals. Don’t let yourself get burned out. Take everything one step at a time, using your time wisely and reminding yourself every day of the little things.

Riverhawks, go forward into October with renewed energy. You made it through one month of the new school year and you will make it through the rest of the semester. Campus Current wishes you the best of luck.