SGA and CAB plan for fall semester


Mackenzie Airey

AACC's Student Government Association and Campus Activities Board met on Aug. 26 to begin planning for the fall semester.

Mackenzie Airey, Graphics Editor

AACC’s Student Government Association and Campus Activities Board held their first meetings of the year Aug. 26.

“I think [the first SGA meeting] went really well,” SGA President Mitchell Santos said. “It had a pretty good turnout.”

Santos introduced a new outreach committee and Vice President of Outreach, Community and Engagement position.

“For right now the change in the outreach committee and position is temporary,” Santos said. “Hopefully it will be permanent.”

The changes to the constitution involving the added committee and position are set to be made official this spring.

“I think it’s going to be an incredibly productive year,” third-year education and communications student and SGA Vice President of Public Relations Bri Barone said about the changes.

Barone added: “And I think that since Mitchell’s taken over, we’re heading in a really good direction and going above and beyond what happened last year and the years before. We’re really building on what SGA has already established.”

Student representatives from the Nursing Student Association, the Ambassadors Campus Team, and Korean Culture Club all attended the SGA meeting.

“As an outreach director I can go see and recruit people,” second-year construction management student and Ambassadors Campus Team member Kevin Lemus said.

“And coming to these meetings we’ll understand more about the campus as a whole and what’s going on,” Lemus said. “Such as other clubs that may be interested in some of the things that we are, which is helping the community and giving leadership roles.”

SGA is planning to do tabling events to raise awareness about the club with free giveaway items at least once or twice a month. SGA is also planning a spirit week from Sept. 23-27.

Both the SGA and CAB first meetings emphasized focusing on recruitment and involvement for the new school year.

Second-year earth science student and CAB president Adrianna Russell said the club is looking forward to finding new “members and we’re also looking forward to planning fall events for the semester.”

“I think [the first CAB meeting] went well,” third-year music student and CAB Live Performance Chair Will Kuethe said. “We got some new members and we discussed some events that we had planned. And we had some older members … from last year as well.”

“So, I think that we’re going in a good direction, and we’re making steps toward completing our goals,” Kuethe added.

SGA’s general forum is on September 9; each club is encouraged to send at least one representative to the meeting. CAB is planning a fall event that will be held at the end of September.