Strategic communications to debut podcast


Christian Richey

Dan Baum is the host of a brand-new podcast.

Christian Richey, Associate Editor

The staff of AACC’s Strategic Communications department will debut a new podcast this September.  

Executive Director of Strategic Communications Dan Baum will be the host of Redefine U, a new podcast debuting Sept. 4. The podcast will showcase AACC students and faculty whose stories personify the college’s “redefine” slogan.   

“It explores what happens when we’re challenged to change our beliefs, our thoughts, or even who we think we are,” Baum said.   

On each podcast, Baum will speak with a student, faculty or staff member who has a “compelling story of personal transformation.” The podcast also will include interviews with subject matter experts, such as faculty or staff, who can shed light on “the process of redefining yourself through a particular field or discipline.”  

The first of four episodes already in the works features the story of Robin Ward, a staff member who’s the single mother of a child with disabilities. Then Baum speaks to Lori Perez, the chair of the psychology department, about what psychology tells us about personal change.  

Baum said he personally connects with the podcast’s theme of transformation. “My mother had multiple sclerosis. I watched how our family was reshaped, how she redefined herself, what it meant to be a mom. She eventually … could not move from the neck down, lived in a nursing home, and yet … still managed to be a mom with a capital M,” Baum said. “My father had been a career naval officer, and he had been the traditional breadwinner. And he redefined himself, his role in the family. That really shaped my life significantly.”  

Matthew Coale, a second-year creative writing student, said “I think it’s a pretty cool idea, just getting people more inspired about who they can become.” First-year computer science student Branden Riebel said “It shows how other people … deal with their day to day lives … It also shows diversity throughout the entire school.”  

Baum said the podcast will continue into future semesters with potential plans to feature stories outside of the college.  

“The plan is to begin the recording of season 2, which we’ll release in the spring, throughout the fall,” Baum said. “Right now, we feel there’s so many powerful stories [at] the college. Season 1 and 2 [are] really going to be focused around that, but I think we would like to start exploring outside the college and into the community.”  

Baum said the podcast will be on numerous platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, with a teaser available on