Scholarship opens to noncredit applicants


Christian Richey

Non-credit students may qualify for the Maryland Promise scholarship next year.

Christian Richey, Associate Editor

Non-credit AACC students will be eligible for the Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship starting next year.

Previously the program was open only to full-time credit students taking at least 12 credits per semester.

“The Maryland Promise [scholarship] is being expanded from just for students who are applying for degree programs,” AACC’s Director of Financial Aid Tara Carew said.

Carew noted this includes continuing education students pursuing a certification or license.

Carew said those looking to receive the scholarship must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid—FAFSA—between Oct. 1 and March 1 for the upcoming year.

Maryland Higher Education Commission’s director of communications, Rhonda Wardlaw, said 1,278 students across Maryland’s 16 community colleges have received the award. During the third week in August, MHEC sent notices to students who will receive the scholarship, according to AACC’s Office of Financial Aid.

Carew said once students complete the FAFSA, they will receive an email from MHEC and must follow up with the commission. “You want to make sure if you receive any emails … that you respond to those emails,” Carew said.

Carew said students who hear from MHEC must submit additional documents to the agency.

Carew said the application process may change in the coming year.

For example, next year’s application deadline might be earlier than June 17, which was the 2019 deadline.