Construction will continue


Amber Nathan

Campus construction will continue through the fall semester and beyond.

Amber Nathan, Editor-in-chief

The pedestrian bridge connecting the Schwartz Student Union and the Student Services Center will reopen in late September, while work on AACC’s new Health and Life Sciences Building will extend into August 2021.

Over the summer, Dragun got a new roof and the building that houses the math department and Child Development Center got a heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrade. Work on the pedestrian bridge is for general maintenance.

Ring Road, which has been closed since December 2018, will open in January, despite ongoing construction on the Health and Life Sciences Building.

“We’re just very glad to be building our new building for the campus,” Joyce Dawson, assistant director of facilities planning and construction, said. “We’re very excited for what this is going to mean for our students and for our campus, and so we just hope everybody will be patient and be excited with us.”

Students expressed mixed feelings about the construction on campus.

Second-year early education student Matt Smith said, “It’s pretty welcome,” while second-year psychology student Shelby Akers said, “It’s a little tough and hard to get around. It’s a little inconvenient.”

Akers added: “But I see why they’re doing this, and it’ll be better for future students. It is kind of everywhere, but people also have to understand they don’t mean to do it intentionally. They’re not trying to inconvenience anyone. … You’ve got to put yourself in their shoes, too.”

Students can find maps on AACC’s website to navigate the construction.

Dawson encouraged students to use caution around work areas and follow proper detours.

“We always ask that people look up and observe where they’re going,” Dawson said. “A lot of times we’re distracted on our phones. …. It’s just a good idea for everyone to keep their eyes open.”