Students: Too busy for opinion forms

Lindey Gapsis, Reporter

In an informal poll on the Arnold campus, most students said they have not filled out their Student Opinion forms, but professors said they should.
At the end of courses, professors offer AACC students the option to answer a survey, which reveals there opinion about the class and instructor.
Professors don’t require students to fill them out for a grade, but said they recommend them.
“A lot of my teachers only get evaluated through student opinion forms because their boss doesn’t sit in on their classes,” Careen Rivera, a third-year psychology student, said. “So, I think that we should do them that favor because they need it.”
Adjunct science instructor Seth Miller agrred that the student opinion forms are an important learning tool for teachers.
“Student opinion forms are really important for the administration, for the department and for the instructor,” Miller said. “So, on the forms there are different sections and I think each of those different constituencies pay attention to a different [part of the class].”
Other professors at the college agreed.
” I like to know what students thought I did well in a course so I can continue that practice, and I also like to know what they think I can improve so I can do better next time,” Math professor Catherine Hess said.
However, most students said they haven’t taken the time to fully evaluate their professors and courses using these online forms.
“ I just haven’t had the time.” Jenna Heroux, a first-year transfer studies student, said.
Other students agreed that finding the time to fill-out the forms has been difficult.
“I did a few of them, I haven’t gotten time to do the others yet.” Harlee Forgacs, a first-year nursing student, said.
“I’ve done half of them. … My teachers are kind of really pressing us to do them,” William Spriggs, a first-year business student, added.
Some students said they filled out the forms because their professors offered extra credit.
“It’s 2 points extra credit and I need those 2 points extra credit,” Isaiah Thomas, a first-year Homeland Security student, said.
“ I’ve done all of them because there has been extra credit opportunity for a majority of them. I just thought I’d go ahead and do the other ones anyway,” Savannah Nielsen, a second-year transfer studies student, added.
However, some students said they didn’t know student opinion forms existed.
“I didn’t even know what they are , ” Caleb Bentinck, a second-year Criminal justice student, said.