“AACC professor suggests mindfulness at workshop”

AACC Personal and Career Counseling offers successful communication strategies that help students learn how to identify feelings that hinder communication.

The successful communication strategies workshop was hosted by professor Marguerite Falcon on April 10.

Falcon is a licensed social worker who focuses on the environment of the students in order to help them through stressful situations in their lives.

The workshops give tools on strategies on how to communicate in difficult situations.

Falcon uses the productive dialogue cards to show students how to respond to a teacher that said something that offended them.

Falcon said students should use the phrase, “I really dislike it when,” while confronting a professor.

In addition, a part of communication skills is finding a private place to have a conversation with someone that isn’t casual.

Body language is very important when it comes to the art of communication, she said.

The way to use positive body language is to have physical closeness, eye contact and an attentive posture.

But Falcon said communication skills won’t work with toxic people.

Falcon suggested having mindfulness when dealing with toxic people.

“Imagine a wall where comments bounce off,” said Falcon. “This way negative comments will not break down yourself esteem. You can’t change the other person so work on yourself.”

The next workshop in the wellness series is on May 9 from 2 to 3 in SUN 102.

Falcon said students should attend so they “know there is support.”