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ESports raises money in 24-hour gaming event

Philip Van Slooten, Reporter

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Conway Johnson walked through the Extra Life set up and presented what was going on.
The Extra Life fundraising team:
The Esports Club Twitch channel:
The DnD Twitch channel:
The Esports Club Nest:
The Animation Club Nest:
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One Response to “ESports raises money in 24-hour gaming event”

  1. Conway Johnson on April 8th, 2019 10:47 PM

    Totally losin it seein myself giving the tour! Apologies for bein a bit awkward, I’m not super great at interviews, but thanks so much for coming out and checking out the event! We managed to raise $1598 for charity in 24 hours, and at least one (possibly both) of our on-stream speedruns managed to place on top 100 worldwide leaderboards!

    Definitely a great event overall, we even had a few highschool students interested in the club stop by. Would love to do more events for AACC in the future, and we’ll definitely continue doing these Extra Life streams each semester!

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ESports raises money in 24-hour gaming event