Health Center gives free stuff


The Self-Care Station in the Health & Wellness Center offers free condoms, tampons, cough drops and more.

Gina Bell, Reporter

AACC students have access to more than just first aid at the on-campus Health & Wellness Center.

Students who visit the center in the SUN Building can nap in a StressLess room with dim lighting and a massage chair.

They also can take a free STD test, get over-the-counter medications and get help to quit smoking.

Brooke Raino, a registered nurse, said she is most proud that the center offers STD testing.

Students who receive positive results after testing are sent to the Anne Arundel County Department of Health for free treatment.

Raino said she hopes students are aware of the StressLess room on campus. “As much as you need to be aware of your status and your body, you also need to let yourself decompress,” she said.

Some students said they didn’t know about the free resources.

“I don’t think there’s enough awareness,” Brandon Bailey, a first-year nursing student, said.

Bailey said students with a health issue should seek help and “if you know someone going through something like that, help them.”

Although students may be afraid to ask for medical advice, Raino encourages them to “just do it. We are so easily approachable. We want students to reach out and feel like they’re in a safe place,” Raino said.

The center also offers a private lactation room for nursing mothers, blood pressure screening and a gender-neutral, single-stall rest-room.

Additionally, any AACC students, staff and faculty are able to collect free Band-Aids, condoms, cough drops and tampons from the center’s Self-Care Station.