SGA officers to run in elections


SGA President Jacob Smith says he is confident his replacement will do well next year.

Daniel Nickerson, Multimedia Editor

For the first time, all candidates for an officer position on the Student Government Association will run for election this semester.

Traditionally, only the president has run for office, and representatives from campus clubs—who belong to an SGA “general forum”—elected most officers.

For each of the officer positions except one, a single, unopposed candidate is running. For one of the positions—the vice president of finance—nobody is running, so the SGA will fill that post in September.

Still, the SGA will hold elections from April 1 to April 5.

SGA members voted to change the election process in February.

Second-year creative writing and psychology student Mitchell Santos, the sole candidate for SGA president, said he fears the new system might discourage students from joining the SGA.

“In terms of filling positions, I don’t think it was the best change,” Santos said.

But SGA faculty adviser Leslie Cook said electing all of the officers at the same time will help them bond together over the summer so they will be ready to work when school starts.

Bri Barone, a second-year elementary education student who is running for vice president of public relations, said she supports an election for all officers.

“I want [the student body] to know that I’m there for them,” she said.

“My ultimate goal is, even though I am currently running unopposed, I want people to know my name.”

Outgoing SGA President Jacob Smith, a graduating business student, said he is hopeful for the success of the upcoming group of officers.

“[Mitchell] seems very [poised] and professional; I think he’ll do very well with administration,” Smith said.