CAB hosts first karaoke, students line up to perform

Jameson Evans, Daily Reporter

The AACC Campus Activities Board hosted its first-ever karaoke event of the semester in the SUN cafeteria on March 4.

CAB officers said they will host karaoke events on the first Monday of every month this semester.

The sing-a-long ran 30 minutes longer than the two hours CAB allotted, which CAB member Katrina Murphy said indicates how popular it was.

“We’ve been hearing a lot from the students over the past semester, and year really, they wanted to do more karaoke, more interactive things. …  So we finally just made it happen,” she explained.

Among the first singers was firstyear student Zoe Mansfield. “Any excuse to sing in public I’ll take,” she commented after the performance.

She said the event was “absolutely” a fun deviation from normal class work.

Within the first hour of the event, eight students were waiting for their turn to sing songs ranging from modern pop hits to classic throwbacks.

“I think it just gives students a breather and … a good chance to relax, because that’s what I’m doing between studying and everything else,” said Breia Cummings, a business and advertisement student, after performing.

She added that she’d be willing to perform again, saying, “It’s fun, and it’s a good chance for me to hear everyone else sing, and see what they got.”

“I expect it to grow over the subsequent events,” Murphy said of the turnout.